Things I have been loving through May

I have put a few things together to show you what i have been loving through the month of may. I know its now June but its only 5 days in, just  a tad late.

May wasn’t one of the bests months – but there was a few good parts too.


I shall start with Beauty.  I am a woman of 26 years of age and I still struggle with make up, eyeshadow.. lets not even go there, oh and eyebrows. *rolls eyes*

Mac - Angelbcdeghijk



Here is a few pictures of my favourite outfits this month, Due to me getting married, I have a very small budget. It will all be worth it.




This month it is pretty much cleaning products that i have been loving, who would have thought I would be so obsessed with cleaning. With a cat you constantly have to clean and keep on top of things, especially with an indoor cat. There is a few edible products and laundry detergent.



I think I have lost my Blog Mojo a little, but it is slowly coming back and whilst I have been a bit slow with my blog I have been making a little more effort with my Instagram feed.

My head has been other places, my grandmother passing away and health. It hasn’t been awful but i have my good days and bad.

How has everyone else’s month been ?


Lucy xo