My summer style picks from George

Sorry guys its been so long since i last blogged.  I have been busy with hospital visits to London and we also added a new addition to our family. We rehomed an elderly cat who was homeless. She came as a girl but we took her to the vets to find out she actually is a he. We laughed so much, so she went from being called Rosie to Rossi.

I have been shopping loads at Asda recently as I do my groceries there, it also happens to be that my Fiance works there part time. Loads of people have been sending me messages about where i get certain bits, I thought I would just write a blog post about George at asda and show you some of the things they have to offer this summer.

Firstly these gimgham trousers – I absolutely love these, you can either dress them up or dress them down.  Take on a relaxed silhouette this season with these printed culotte cropped trousers. They’re the perfect option for parties or relaxing in ultimate style.


I’m loving the hankerchief hem dresses – I tried to find a link to this dress but it must be sold out 😦 sorry guys. It is so light and airy, especially for people going on foreign holidays this year.


Both the skirt and the top is from George at Asda – I got so many people asking where my outfit was from and they couldn’t believe that is was from Asda, their jaws dropped when i told them. Its the kind of outfit I just love to wear everyday.




a11asda 1 Both pairs of cropped culottes are now out of stock, but there is so many to pick from. Some that wouldn’t be my taste but loads that are. Below is the link to different styles –

George at Asda culottes

All of my opinions are my own – Next week I’m going to be showing my summer picks from TU at Sainsbury’s, so keep your eyes peeled.


Lucy xo

Wedding Wednesday – Honeymoons.

Firstly i know its not Wednesday yet, but i have a super busy day tomorrow so i have posted a day early.  I hope you like some of my picks, you will have to tell me which is your favourite, and where did you go on your honeymoon?

The best honeymoons aren’t cheap, but you can definitely  find a bargain. There are many ways of cutting costs. I guess some people don’t have to worry about costs, but if you are like me and have to stick to a budget, I would like to find a really great package deal for the best price.

Saving money on your honeymoon

If you get married in the winter you will  probably spend more on your honeymoon, because you will be wanting to go further afield to get to somewhere hot. So obviously getting married in the summer and taking a honeymoon in Europe, or even in the UK could save you money potentially. Though me being me I want to go away somewhere hot for our honeymoon. We get married next year and can’t decide where we want to go. We are thinking an all inclusive honeymoon as you only have to pay one single price. Some of these are very classy, and you have the advantage of being able to budget more accurately.

Here are some romantic get away honeymoons for 2017/2018, which i think look amazing.

Meeru Island Resort, Maldives

The only resort on the island of Meerufenfushi is Meeru Island Resort.

I know this isn’t a budget hotel, ha ha but you can dream right?


Maldives: powder white sand and turquoise lagoon. Except here you get four-star quality at three-star prices. An all-inclusive option is the best in my opinion, and look out for complimentary room upgrades. Newlyweds should aim for the Jacuzzi Water Villas or the Honeymoon Suites, a short dhoni boat ride away.


Greek islands

For glamour and romance and amazing views to capture it’s hard to beat the island of Santorini. It has some stunning boutique hotels. However, if you’re on a budget and are looking to relax after a stressful wedding, I recommend one of the smaller less developed Greek islands.  We are actually thinking of Santorini for our honeymoon, we just need to bite the bullet and book.


Villas in Majorca

I personally love Majorca, it holds so many happy memories for me as we got engaged there last summer. It is such a lovely island. Add to that the idyllic beaches, stunning mountains, fabulous local cuisine and to top it all, some of the best villas in the Med for the ultimate in privacy. Many are beautifully restored farmhouses with private pools in charming spots such as Sencelles and Selva.  click this link for some villa holidays in Majorca

104_Honeymoon villa rentals in Pollensa


Although this is not a cheap honeymoon destination, Cuba is great value and an exciting, fascinating country that combines Caribbean beaches with Latin rhythms, friendly people and colonial sights. 5.0.2


Cape Verde Islands

Dotted in the mid Atlantic and with  just six hours flying time from the UK, the Cape Verde islands offer year-round sunshine, dreamy tropical beaches and an exciting mix of influences – African, Brazilian and Portuguese.

cape verde




The Dalmatian coast of Croatia combines historical cities with sparkling turquoise seas and fabulous hotels. It has all the glamour of Ibiza but at much lower prices.   I think Croatia is one of those places which is missed by so many people, only recently have i heard people going an saying how amazing it is.  I think Croatia is so under rated and deserves so much more.


I can’t wait to finally book my honeymoon. It is such an exciting time.

Thanks for reading

Lucy xo


Things I have been loving through May

I have put a few things together to show you what i have been loving through the month of may. I know its now June but its only 5 days in, just  a tad late.

May wasn’t one of the bests months – but there was a few good parts too.


I shall start with Beauty.  I am a woman of 26 years of age and I still struggle with make up, eyeshadow.. lets not even go there, oh and eyebrows. *rolls eyes*

Mac - Angelbcdeghijk



Here is a few pictures of my favourite outfits this month, Due to me getting married, I have a very small budget. It will all be worth it.




This month it is pretty much cleaning products that i have been loving, who would have thought I would be so obsessed with cleaning. With a cat you constantly have to clean and keep on top of things, especially with an indoor cat. There is a few edible products and laundry detergent.



I think I have lost my Blog Mojo a little, but it is slowly coming back and whilst I have been a bit slow with my blog I have been making a little more effort with my Instagram feed.

My head has been other places, my grandmother passing away and health. It hasn’t been awful but i have my good days and bad.

How has everyone else’s month been ?


Lucy xo








Wedding Wednesday – Venues

Wedding Venues  
 I knew from even before Michael and I got engaged where we were going to have our reception, it took Michael a while to Come around to the same idea that i had and wanted for so long. Thankfully he did and he now loves it as much as me. We both made an appointment to go see it and fell so much more in love with it, the surroundings and everything else that came with it.
Although i will be talking about four venues that i love but Drenagh will always be my first.
 Drenagh –  is a hidden treasure for brides looking for a wedding reception with elegance and sophistication. This wonderfully romantic, exclusive use venue is located on the outskirts of Limavady and accessible from the main Limavady to Derry Road. The dramatic entrance transports you into a pastoral idyll, as the private driveway carries you through its secluded grounds towards the stunning Georgian house. Set within 1000 acres of private gardens and woods, complete with walled garden, stone ruins, Moon Garden and sprawling views. 
It also caters for everyone.  If you are having  a small wedding you can use the stately house for your reception it can hold up to 60 people.
If you are having a much larger wedding this is where the marquee comes in which can hold up to 200 people 
I cannot wait for our wedding day here- ONE year to go. eeeekk
15 Dowland Rd, Limavady BT49 0HP
Larchfield estate –  It  is an award-winning luxury venue for your wedding or special event.  They believe in exclusive use and personalised service to make your wedding totally out of the ordinary.
Indoor options are the Stables building – licensed for up to  150 people, and the main Larchfield Barn – licensed for up to 250 people.
What a beautiful setting.
Bailliesmills Road
Lisburn, Co. Antrim
Northern Ireland, BT27 6XJ 

Wool tower – The Wool Tower is situated within 16 acres at Raceview Mill, Broughshane (The Garden Village of Ulster).

The enchanting 200 year old building is steeped in history and is perfect for couples seeking a fresh and exciting venue to host their wedding.

The Wool Tower is the most unique and atmospheric location you could choose for one of the most important days of your life.
The venue can accommodate from 80 to over 200 guests, with loads room for parking and is located only 40 minutes from Belfast, 25 minutes from the International Airport and over an hour to Derry/Londonderry.
Culloden –  It is nestled high in the Holywood hills, the luxurious Culloden Estate & Spa is the ultimate romantic setting for a wedding venue in Northern Ireland, set in 12 acres of secluded gardens, overlooking Belfast Lough.
They have so many wedding packages available to suit everyone’s budget.
From 24  to 200 people.

I honestly love doing #weddingwednesday its my favourite, since i’m getting married myself. Its so nice to look at other venues available and see what they have to offer. I have picked my venue already but this might help someone else.
Lots of love
Lucy xo

Where have I been?

It has been two months since my last blog post and i’m going to explain why it has been so long when I said I would post twice a week and it hasn’t happened and I’am sorry about that.

I had to go to London because i stupidly banged my knee off the side of a wooden door at my mums house. It  got so swollen which indicates a flare up. I got to London and the next morning i had to go to the Royal National Orthopedic Hospital for Scans. They included an MRI scan and a CT scan. I came out crying from the MRI, it really hurts me and i was so overwhelmed about the whole procedure.  my medication was upped to 20mg and to some  this may seem very low, but trust me it is a nightmare to deal with.

Due to the higher dose a trained nurse from Clementia  comes out to take blood, sometimes its straight forward, other times not so much.


I came back to the hotel to a phone call from my Dad, he Told me that it wasn’t good news, prior to this my Granny was in hospital getting antibiotics through an Iv drip, for a chest infection. Michael and I were just going down for dinner to the hotel bar, my dad said I’am so sorry love but your granny has Pancreatic cancer. I was like WHAT??? How can this be, I turned and went back to the hotel room and just cried and cried. I thought to myself I cannot lose her, I’am not ready 😦

I was in London and all my family were at home, I felt so far away from everything. I had already had a really bad day before this news.


Eventually I got home, and I went to visit my Granny in Antrim hospital. I had been warned by family members that my Granny had lost an huge amount of weight. I wasn’t ready for what I was going to witness. She squeezed my hand and said well that was a massive shock wasn’t it? I was trying to hold back the tears as she didn’t need to see how upset i was.

My granny Deteriorated everyday, I couldn’t believe how fast she was going downhill, her wish was to get home and into her own bed and she got her wish but only for  one night as she was in so much pain.

On 28th April 2017 my Precious Granny passed away – Most people knew how much my granny meant to me, and some people may not. My granny was everything to me, she listened to everything i had to say, knew all my secrets, I overshared everything with her, We played silly games together and we enjoyed each others company so much. To lose my Granny Jean has left a massive hole in my life and nothing will ever be the same without her. She told me how excited she was for my wedding and always wondered what she would wear and to know that she will never see me walk down the aisle really breaks my heart and I don’t think i will ever be able to talk about it.

Before she passed away my mum got her finger print, i sent away for a necklace that would contain the print of her finger. I will always have part of my granny with me and to know that gives me comfort.


I hope to be back blogging more frequently now.

Thank you so much for reading.

Lots of love

Lucy xo

The proposal

We flew out to Majorca on the 12th July 2016 for a week little did I know I would be coming home with a ring on my finger.


I went in to Adairs jewellers in ballymena with my mum and I was just looking in the window and first of all I always said I wanted a pear shaped setting, but I saw another ring and it was so dainty. I fell in love with it. I sent Michael a picture along with the price and without me knowing he went in and got the ring – 2 days before we were leaving, normally it would take weeks for a ring to be made and ready. I don’t know how he wangled TWO DAYS!

Before we left Michael asked my dad, I always think it shows respect and my dad wanted to be asked ‘the question‘ I knew Michael would be nervous because let’s face it what man isn’t terrified to ask the question. My dad being my dad thrown a few jokes in there and probably made Michael more scared than he already was. My dad said yes and gave him the go ahead to propose on holiday.


When we got to Majorca Michael had the ring in the suitcase but because I kept going in to the suitcase it was clear to Michael that I was going to find it and ruin the surprise, so he moved it to his backpack and put a lock on it. I kept asking him, why do you have a lock on your bag? There isn’t anything valuable in it ha ha. Oops. I had no idea.



The morning before the proposal Michael kept asking me, do you think the beach would be busy at night? To be honest I didn’t think anything of it and I was totally oblivious to it all. I just answered no I wouldn’t think so. Ha ha We had a really fun day, the sun was shining.

Getting ready for dinner I picked my outfit and put Michael’s outfit together but I didn’t know he had to try and fit a ring box into his pocket. I picked a nice shirt and skinny shorts. We got to the restaurant, it was actually our favourite and we went there 5 evenings out of 7. It was called Diferent. If you ever go to Cala d’or you should definitely try it. The service and the people who worked there was second to none.

Michael below just before the proposal probably in bundle of nerves.  awww ❤


We finished dinner and started to walk to the beach hand in hand. It was such a lovely evening, the moon was bright and the stars were twinkling. When we got to the beach there was quite a few people taking pictures of how beautiful the moon was over the Mediterranean sea.


We waited until they had finished taking their pictures and then we would take ours.

Michael suggested we could go and sit on the sunbeds and just take in where we were and our surroundings – It was so beautiful,  we lay and just listened to the waves beat off the rocks. He then handed me this bottle and he said oh someone must have left this here and i was thinking to myself, that is such a shame because someone will be looking for it.


Then he said to me aren’t you going to open it? I sat there which to Michael probably felt like such a long time. I opened it and to my surprise it said on the little piece of paper         “Will you marry me” I honestly couldn’t believe it, I said yes so fast and put the ring on so quick, Michael laughed at me but i was just so excited. I wanted the whole world to know just how happy  i was and how perfect the proposal was.


Just after the proposal – poor quality but it was pretty dark.nt

It was the perfect ending to the best holiday we both had ever had.


Thanks for reading.

Lots of love

Lucy xo

Pure potions review

Hello lovely.
I am going to be talking to you about three products  that I have received from a skincare company named Pure Potions.
Firstly I am going to tell you a little bit about the company and why it was set up.
Pure potions was founded by Natalie Balmond, a mother trying to find  cream to help her daughter’s skin, as her daughter suffers from chronic eczema.
After so many attempts of using  different creams, including ones prescribed by the doctor, nothing seemed to be the perfect cream to take it away.
Natalie began to experiment with different oils and ingredients in the kitchen, until she found something that worked really well on her daughters skin. After that she decided to share this skin care range by setting up a company based around  dry skin conditions.
This brand is vegan friendly and doesn’t test on animals which i was so glad of. Its so hard these days finding a brand that you like that doesn’t test on animals.


Skin salvation daily moisturising cream £13.99 It contains all the nourishing benefits of Skin Salvation Moisturising Ointment but in a cream version for easy application throughout the day.

It is packed full of skin nourishing vitamins and essential fatty acids, this gentle yet effective moisturising cream is perfect for daily use to maintain healthy, hydrated and supple skin. Shea butter provides a soft, rich, vegan-friendly base for our special combination of chamomile, nettle, chickweed and calendula herbal tinctures.

Skin Salvation Daily Moisturising Cream is free from parabens, petro-chemicals and perfumes, which makes it perfect for dry skin and is also suitable for people who may be prone to eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis and dry, sore, itchy skin conditions.

Suitable for all areas of the body and all ages, including babies.


Skin Salvation Hand Cream £10.99 It is an intensive, natural hand cream for moisturising and maintaining healthy skin as part of a daily skincare routine. Hands come into contact with a number of allergens and irritants every day, which can leave them dry, sore and cracked; once the barrier is broken down on the skin of the hands further irritants can get in easily and the problem worsens.

To combat this, we have developed a hand cream that is gentle, unfragranced and deeply moisturising so you can use it as often as you need to without worrying about harsh chemicals or artificial additives. Contains sea buckthorn, shea butter and hemp seed oil which are rich in essential fatty acids, as well as a combination of chickweed, calendula, chamomile and nettle.

Free from parabens, petro-chemicals and perfumes, this Intensive Hand Cream is a little trooper for maintaining soft and supple hands. Its gentle, natural formulation means it is also suitable for people who may be prone to hand eczema, contact dermatitis and cracked skin. Its pocket-sized pot makes this great for use at home, in the workplace and after gardening.

Suitable for all ages including babies.


 Skin salvation £7.99 is an intensive natural moisturiser formulated to maintain supple, hydrated skin as part of a daily skincare regime. Rich and deeply moisturising, Skin Salvation Intensive Moisturising Ointment forms a semi-occlusive barrier which protects the skin from everyday external irritants.

It’s gentle formulation means that it is also suitable for people who may be prone to dry, itchy skin or eczema.

  • naturally rich in EFAs
  • provides intensive hydration
  • fragrance and preservative free
  • free from harmful chemicals
  • 100% natural
  • also suitable for those who may be prone to eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, skin rash and any sore skin condition
  • suitable for all ages

Now for the before and after –



17274814_10212584144940896_1186004636_n  <After 

I really recommend these products so much. I will keep raving about them because nothing has helped my skin like they have. It has really helped my skin, it used to be so red and inflamed, dry and flakey and now it’s neither those things

I hope you enjoyed this review.

talk soon

Lucy xo

Accepting and embracing who you are

Confidence is so hard to gain when you’re living with a disability. The Condition that i suffer from is very progressive and can be aggressive when it takes the hold of you. I continuously have had to adapt to new physical restrictions. I have struggled and I’am still struggling with body issues and insecurities. I still to this day find it hard to express myself unless its on paper, i can never seem to get anything out and people around me are just as frustrated as me.I think that’s why  I’m so emotional because I’am so emotionally frustrated.

I always think that there are people out there that has worse things to deal with  and I’m forever grateful for the life i do live even if its not what I particularly wanted for myself.

I have lost  mobility in my neck, in my shoulders and hips. I also have bony lumps on my back. FOP isn’t as aggressive now as it used to be in my teenage years. It was particularly bad from age 10 – age 17, that was when I lost the most mobility and that was also the  hardest time of my life.


I Never really realised how difficult it was for my parents to see me so able bodied, and carefree when I was younger, knowing that FOP would gradually progress and someday leave me feeling trapped in my own body. Now that I’m older i can understand the heartache that they must feel everyday seeing fop take more and more mobility away from not one daughter but two. I always said they can never feel the physical pain that we go through but they feel everything.


Living with FOP is so scary and you never know what you are going to wake up to, but I’am determined to try and keep a positive mindset and  attitude despite everything I’m faced with. I try to always find joy in the little things in life and notice the smallest of achievements.( This could mean finding a way to put my top on without asking for help) People take things for granted every single day, but don’t realise until that thing is took away from them. Even i take things for granted.

Fop has taken so much away from me, but I can’t imagine my life without it. I see it as a kind of blessing in disguise, not a complete tragedy or misfortune. It has led me to, lifelong friendships, strength, hope, determination,  happiness and Kindness

I get frustrated with the things i used to be able to do and now can’t because of injuries,bone growth and quite possibly arthritis. Oh and of course FOP.

I’m thankful i get to share my journey with my twin sister, she understands everything i go through on a daily basis and i for sure would be so lost without her

zoe luc

FOP friends is where you will find all the information.

Thanks for reading.

Lots of love – Lucy xo

Favourite moisturisers for dry skin

Hello my lovelies,

I would really  like to be getting two blog posts up a week but this is my first for in a few weeks, so hard to find the time to sit down and write a blog post. Today i will be talking to you all about the moisturisers that have worked wonders on my skin and some that haven’t really done anything and i wouldn’t buy again.

I’m on medication that gives you extremely dry skin and i have tried so many different brands and some have been highly disappointing and don’t do what it says on the bottle.

I have 3 high street moisturisers and 3 high end moisturisers, so something to fit everyone’s bank balance.


I really like this and it  helps my dry skin on my legs especially, it restores and is very fast acting. I would buy this again and again.  E45 Dermatological Intense Recovery


I got this in Paris when i was over there for the clinical trials because my skin went mad with the humidity. It smells delicious. only down side is, it doesn’t really replenish and restore my skin. Rêve de Miel® Ultra Comfort


( This non-greasy cream from Aveeno, formulated with colloidal oatmeal, helps prevent water loss from your skin by rebuilding the skin’s natural barrier. Aveeno Moisturising Cream has a fast absorption time that makes it convenient for use during the day. ) I wouldn’t say i agree with this, it takes a very long time to sink in to your skin. I wont use it again because they test on animals and I’m truly against any brand who continue to test on animals.


My all time favourite, and guess what? it has been discontinued!! 😦 😦 It was so thick and creamy and so sensitive for my dry skin. NUDE SKIN CARE


So because i cant rub anything in to my legs, i thought id give this a try and it smells divine but i wouldn’t really recommend it. Although saying that it might suit someone else’s skin. Vaseline Intensive Care


I have just recently started to use this brand Skinician and i really really love it.  It smells so fresh and it does what it says on the tube, so cliche i know. It hydrates and restores my skin. I was so excited to try this brand as i know so many people rave about it. I also use the cleanser and toner, its so amazing, if you haven’t tried it  YOU NEED TO.

I know two places that stock this brand,

In Ballymena and in Coleraine

The therapy rooms at Rosspark hotel

Samantha’s Beauty room Coleraine

Thanks for reading.

Lots of love lucy xo

Giving you the cold shoulder

There are some trends that transcend seasons and I think the cold shoulder tops have been around for the past season, and its looking like its sticking around for a little while longer. I have just recently bought a few cold shoulder tops and i’m thinking to myself why have i only just jumped on the bandwagon now? i absolutely love them.

Here are a few of my favourites :

download-1                                                                              new look jumper RRP £19.99 now £8

17012538_10212440623912960_1337455680_n                                   Glamorous Tall Cold Shoulder Pinstripe Top £26

17028932_10212440624192967_673457616_n                                                             Fashion Union Tall Cold Shoulder Smock Top £28

17092384_10212440624432973_1252382569_n                                     ASOS Cotton Sun Top With Ruffle Cold Shoulder £25

6888003800_2_2_1                                                 PEARLY OFF-THE SHOULDER SWEATER 25.99 GBP

so here are a few of my favs. They are all highstreet too, which helps the bank balance :p

Thanks for reading.

Lucy xx