Hair care – What do I use?

I have had blonde hair for as long as I can remember, and it is so hard to maintain, all you blondies out there will agree.  Although saying that it is by far the best colour to compliment my skin tone, I have tried to darken my hair down, heck I have even dyed it dark brown, but i always go back to my trusty blonde.  I always get asked what products I use so I thought I would chuck them all in to a blog post and you can see how I achieve my Platinum silvery grey hair.

What hair care products do I use?


I don’t use a lot of products in my hair as I’m not the person washing it. I have to either rely on my mum or my Fiance to wash my hair and sometimes it can be really time consuming. I have extremely thick hair and its quite long also. It takes about an hour to do my hair and that is why I only get my hair washed once a week. I Sometimes use two shampoos and that is only if I have no Fudge shampoo left.

Down below shows the products I use on a weekly basis.




  • Simple gentle care shampoo – It is honestly the best shampoo, especially if you have a really delicate scalp. It does what it says on the Bottle, so gentle and very cleansing, more so than any shampoo I have ever used.
  • Simple Gentle Care Conditioner – I have to use a conditioner as you would never get a hairbrush though my hair. This is the first conditioner i have ever used were the brush glides straight through. I love it so much. I have re purchased it so many times.


Fudge Clean Blonde Violet Toning Shampoo – It is Hands down the most amazing toning shampoo I have ever  used and have used so so many, in one use, I seen such a difference to my hair, it was no longer brassy and yellow. It was starting to turn the nicest colour. and if you use it, you will see such a massive difference as well. There are quite a lot of toning shampoos that foam and then lose the purple tone but this shampoo stays purple throughout the whole washing process. my Fiance and Mum wear gloves it is that purple ha ha.

To achieve the grey platinum look, you have to keep the clean blonde shampoo on for about 4-5 minutes.

So this brings us to the end, blonde hair is definitely high maintenance and I think its very important to use products to keep it looking healthy.

If you’re local to me, my hairdresser is Deirdre Mccosh in Martinstown and she is the best, she is such a hard worker and pushes her self to the limit! I have been going to her since I was 14 – 15. She is honestly the nicest girl.




Lucy xo

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