My summer style picks from George

Sorry guys its been so long since i last blogged.  I have been busy with hospital visits to London and we also added a new addition to our family. We rehomed an elderly cat who was homeless. She came as a girl but we took her to the vets to find out she actually is a he. We laughed so much, so she went from being called Rosie to Rossi.

I have been shopping loads at Asda recently as I do my groceries there, it also happens to be that my Fiance works there part time. Loads of people have been sending me messages about where i get certain bits, I thought I would just write a blog post about George at asda and show you some of the things they have to offer this summer.

Firstly these gimgham trousers – I absolutely love these, you can either dress them up or dress them down.  Take on a relaxed silhouette this season with these printed culotte cropped trousers. They’re the perfect option for parties or relaxing in ultimate style.


I’m loving the hankerchief hem dresses – I tried to find a link to this dress but it must be sold out 😦 sorry guys. It is so light and airy, especially for people going on foreign holidays this year.


Both the skirt and the top is from George at Asda – I got so many people asking where my outfit was from and they couldn’t believe that is was from Asda, their jaws dropped when i told them. Its the kind of outfit I just love to wear everyday.




a11asda 1 Both pairs of cropped culottes are now out of stock, but there is so many to pick from. Some that wouldn’t be my taste but loads that are. Below is the link to different styles –

George at Asda culottes

All of my opinions are my own – Next week I’m going to be showing my summer picks from TU at Sainsbury’s, so keep your eyes peeled.


Lucy xo

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