The proposal

We flew out to Majorca on the 12th July 2016 for a week little did I know I would be coming home with a ring on my finger.


I went in to Adairs jewellers in ballymena with my mum and I was just looking in the window and first of all I always said I wanted a pear shaped setting, but I saw another ring and it was so dainty. I fell in love with it. I sent Michael a picture along with the price and without me knowing he went in and got the ring – 2 days before we were leaving, normally it would take weeks for a ring to be made and ready. I don’t know how he wangled TWO DAYS!

Before we left Michael asked my dad, I always think it shows respect and my dad wanted to be asked ‘the question‘ I knew Michael would be nervous because let’s face it what man isn’t terrified to ask the question. My dad being my dad thrown a few jokes in there and probably made Michael more scared than he already was. My dad said yes and gave him the go ahead to propose on holiday.


When we got to Majorca Michael had the ring in the suitcase but because I kept going in to the suitcase it was clear to Michael that I was going to find it and ruin the surprise, so he moved it to his backpack and put a lock on it. I kept asking him, why do you have a lock on your bag? There isn’t anything valuable in it ha ha. Oops. I had no idea.



The morning before the proposal Michael kept asking me, do you think the beach would be busy at night? To be honest I didn’t think anything of it and I was totally oblivious to it all. I just answered no I wouldn’t think so. Ha ha We had a really fun day, the sun was shining.

Getting ready for dinner I picked my outfit and put Michael’s outfit together but I didn’t know he had to try and fit a ring box into his pocket. I picked a nice shirt and skinny shorts. We got to the restaurant, it was actually our favourite and we went there 5 evenings out of 7. It was called Diferent. If you ever go to Cala d’or you should definitely try it. The service and the people who worked there was second to none.

Michael below just before the proposal probably in bundle of nerves.  awww ❤


We finished dinner and started to walk to the beach hand in hand. It was such a lovely evening, the moon was bright and the stars were twinkling. When we got to the beach there was quite a few people taking pictures of how beautiful the moon was over the Mediterranean sea.


We waited until they had finished taking their pictures and then we would take ours.

Michael suggested we could go and sit on the sunbeds and just take in where we were and our surroundings – It was so beautiful,  we lay and just listened to the waves beat off the rocks. He then handed me this bottle and he said oh someone must have left this here and i was thinking to myself, that is such a shame because someone will be looking for it.


Then he said to me aren’t you going to open it? I sat there which to Michael probably felt like such a long time. I opened it and to my surprise it said on the little piece of paper         “Will you marry me” I honestly couldn’t believe it, I said yes so fast and put the ring on so quick, Michael laughed at me but i was just so excited. I wanted the whole world to know just how happy  i was and how perfect the proposal was.


Just after the proposal – poor quality but it was pretty dark.nt

It was the perfect ending to the best holiday we both had ever had.


Thanks for reading.

Lots of love

Lucy xo

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