Debenhams SS17 press launch

Hello my loves,

Its been a week since my last post as i have been sick all week with a horrible ear infection.

On the Tuesday 31st January myself and the NI blogging girls traveled to Dublin for the #DebsSS17 fashion show and press launch. It was so exciting as it was my first time going to anything like this. I was actually invited to help my sister whom has a disability and needed my help as she didn’t want to burden the other girls. I didn’t mind at all, that’s what sisters do right?  It actually motivated me to start my own blog and start posting more on my Instagram, so here i am.

We were kindly contacted and invited to the event a couple of weeks prior and the organizing that went in to planning that one day was second to none. We were picked up at Belfast central by Belfast mini coaches who got us to Dublin and back in one piece, so thank you for all your patience.

It was really nice to actually meet bloggers from NI and i didn’t feel out of place because we were all in to the same thing and were there for the same reason which to me made it a lot easier. I have made a few new friends through this event and they are awesome. We have already decided that we are going to do more blogger meet ups. I think that’s exciting.

On the bus i sat beside zoe ( Her blog ) because we are sisters and see each other all the time we didn’t have much to talk about ha ha.

Though we chatted to Tracey Sharkey nearly the entire time and she honestly is the nicest person. she helped both Zoe and myself the whole day. If you ever need a personal shopper go to Marks and Spencer’s and ask for Tracey an you won’t be disappointed. I can’t wait to go and get the personal shopper feel. This is a picture of Tracey, Zoe and myself  kindly took by the event photographer Kieran Harnett tracey-zoe


On arrival to Debenham’s on Henry Street we were then greeted by Kelly who had been the initial contact, she was so lovely and friendly. she made us all feel so welcome and comfortable from start to finish. We then went upstairs and seen that they had put the most gorgeous food out for us. How delicious does this look??



As we were eating Kelly handed us all an envelope which inside was a €50 voucher to spend in the store. I thought that was so nice. I didn’t have time to spend mine that day but i’m already planning another trip down to use it.  of course they’ll be a blog post to follow.


My self,Zoe and Tracey thought we would try get to the Rotunda Hospital before all the rush as Zoe is on crutches its hard for her when there is so many people. We got there and at first i thought it was a strange place to hold a fashion show, and i think everyone else was thinking that too. The fashion show took place in the Pillar room which was a lovely building, full of Character. The Event was sponsored by Gunpowder Irish Gin they provided everyone with Fresh gin and tonics. I don’t particularly like gin but hey at least i tried it.

Zoe and I pondered over to the balm cosmetics and they handed us a lovely bag and inside was their batter up eye shadow stick which just glides on and is amazingly pigmented. i got the shade ‘Dug out’

Here is a swatch on my hand.




Then it was time for the main event, the one that we had been waiting all day for, the fashion show! I was so very impressed by the clothes  on display from Debenhams. As a woman who does shop at Debenham’s their Spring/Summer 17 pieces are gorgeous. I’m getting married next year so the wedding guest and occasion outfits took my attention more than the others. It has  given me some inspiration for my own wedding, The floral crowns were amazing i’m so glad they are just as popular this year for weddings.

Overall I was really  impressed with what Debenham’s has to offer for spring/summer 2017. The pieces on display at the event would suit a wide range of people, i was blown away with the wedding gowns and couldn’t believe they were high street, they definitely looked  far more expensive.  I had the best time at this event and met lovely lovely people i get to call my friends now. Big thank you to Debenham’s for this opportunity.



I just love the back detail on this dress. so gorgeous 🙂 Debut dress £140

Below are a few of the pictures that i took of the fashion show.

Thanks for reading. Hope you have a great weekend and week ahead.

Lucy x



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